It all started with my parents taking me to art classes, piano lessons and drama tryouts as a child -- that's how I fell in love with creating things.


I thought my career would be singing on the world's stage, so I majored in music. Days before enrolling for my graduate degree at a top-tier music conservatory -- on a full scholarship -- I walked away and never looked back. My heart was really in Photojournalism. Over the years I have added strong marketing and design skills, through a traditional classroom setting and the valuable lessons we learn from life's hard knocks, to produce visually stunning work, across multiple disciplines, that generate a response. 

While I have traveled the world, won awards and experience a very full and fulfilling career so far, nothing brings a bigger smile to my face than when I hear that something I helped to produce has brought lasting change to the world.

I love my family. Together with my wife and three kids, we live in the Greater Chicago Area and have a new found love for the board game Ticket to Ride. We love to make a difference in the world and are currently living in Chad, Africa, working to help provide books for a semi-nomadic desert tribe learning to read and right in their language for the first time in their history!