It all started with my parents taking me to art classes, piano lessons and drama tryouts as a child -- that's how I fell in love with creating things.


I thought my career would be singing on the world's stage, so I majored in music. Days before enrolling for my graduate degree at a top-tier music conservatory -- on a full scholarship -- I walked away and never looked back. My heart was really in Photojournalism; that minor came in handy after all! Over the years I have added strong graphic design skills through a traditional classroom setting and the valuable lessons we learn from life's hard knocks. Through it all I have honed my skills to produce visually stunning work, crossing multiple disciplines, telling compelling stories that generate a response. 

While I have traveled the world, won awards and experience a very full and fulfilling career so far, nothing brings a bigger smile to my face than when I hear that something I helped to produce has brought lasting change to the world.

I love my family. Together with my wife and three kids, we live in the Greater Chicago Area and have a new found love for the board game Ticket to Ride. We love to hang out with our friends, and one of our goals for 2015 is to spend more time building meaningful relationships with the community around us.